Jurrien Piris

Full-stack developer

Available for freelance work, let's get in touch!


+ 8 years

Back-end & frameworks

PHP 7+, Laravel, Symfony, Node.js, Express and ASP.NET
+ 6 years

Databases & caching

MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, NoSQL, Redis, Varnish & Memcached
+ 6 years

Testing & testing frameworks

Unit testing, Integration testing, Beta/acceptance testing. PHPUnit, Behat, Jest, Mocha and Karma
+ 6 years

Design integration

Scss & Less, ECMAScript 2018, TypeScript, Vue and Angular


Various development

Embedded development, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and TensorFlow

Environment & third-party tools

MacOS, Visual Studio Code, Paw, GitHub, Bitbucket, Gitlab, Jira and Trello


Microservices, Webpack, NPM, API development, TDD, REST, OAuth protocol, Design patterns and GIT


💪🏽Hit the gym to stay in shape;
🌍Traveling the world whenever I can

My thoughts 💭


Concatenating strings and variables without a mess

Deep dive into template literals

Usage of Web Components

Chunking up interfaces into components

Design Patterns: Adapter Pattern

Consider it as a USB to Ethernet adapter..

TypeScript vs ECMAScript 2018

To compile or not to compile

Does Test Driven Development suits me?

Your odd approach to TDD is probably OK