Nice to meet you, I'm

Jurrien Piris

Tech Lead / Software Engineer
Based in the sunny city of Nijverdal, the Netherlands 🦁

Skills & interests

+ 9 years
Back-end & frameworks
Java, Spring Boot, PHP, Laravel and Node.js
+ 8 years
Databases & caching
MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, NoSQL, Redis, Varnish & Memcached
+ 7 years
Testing & frameworks
Unit testing and Integration testing. PHPUnit, Behat, Jest, Mocha, Karma, JUnit and Mockito
+ 6 years
Design integration
Scss & Less, ECMAScript 2018, TypeScript, Vue, Angular and figuring out Flutter
Cloud development
Amazon Web Services (AWS) and figuring out Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Distributed systems and serverless environments
Environment & third-party tools
MacOS, IntelliJ Ultimate, Rapid API, GitHub, BitBucket, GitLab and Atlassian
Keywords I love ❤️
Microservices, Webpack, NPM, API development, Design patterns, Scrum and GIT
💪🏽Hit the gym to stay in shape;
🌍Traveling the world whenever I can

My thoughts...

Nothing to read yet... come back later ;)